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  1. bertno1pikey's Avatar
    BUMP haha
  2. Nick_Tape's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Joannou1;bt298]Woo... Reading this 2 years later... lol...[/QUOTE]
    Haha, I do that sometimes. Seeing how things were REALLY long ago.
  3. Joannou1's Avatar
    Woo... Reading this 2 years later... lol...
  4. Footontable's Avatar
    I vote for just expanding the map, but maybe making like a second warp house in the middle of now where called like "Wilderness" or something, that way new people have a way to get out of the spawn and have room to build.
  5. whiteoak123's Avatar
    Im all for that but I agree that will take some work. If the map is way to full I will Vote for a fresh map (new inventories money (again) and all towns gone)