How to make a good first temporary base on GLD.

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Here are some strategies that I found helped whenever I made my first temporary base before entering a town on GLD.

1. [COLOR="#FF0000"]Before you do anything, do /warp startershop and purchase a bed. Then do /kit starter.[/COLOR]

2. Do /rp to get to a random part of the desert. This could teleport you anywhere, you have no idea where you'll end up.

3. Make sure you have /kit starter with/on you. These will come in handy when you're going to build your base.

4. Start mining downwards. Make sure you do not go directly straight down, try going down so many blocks and then start strip mining. Make sure to cover your tracks so nobody will ever notice you have ever been here.

5. Now since you have everything you need, start mining out a small clearing so you can set up a temporary camp. Mine out a big enough area to start farming and gain materials.

6. Once its all done, place down your bed and right click it to set your home. You can now do /home to get back to it. Now you have your resources, and everything you'll need. Now you can ask to join a town and use all your materials.
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