Minecraft GLDesert Realms server

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Hey guys, I bought a Realms server a few days ago. It is officially the unofficial GLD realms server. Anyone who joins is in creative, and has the ability to run any type of commands added in 1.7 and before.
How to join
1. Put name in shared document
2. Load Minecraft 1.7.9/1.7.8/1.7.7/1.7.6 (after I say I've added you in)
3. Click on the 'Minecraft Realms' button
4. Click on the pending invitation button (top right corner)
5. Accept and join!
1. No griefing
2. No disrespecting of anyone, whether you know them from GLD or not
3. No lava or fire unless it is controlled
4. If you're on the list to play, actually play, or you'll be removed.
P.S. they have logs so I can see what you guys do!

I have a shared document, updated whenever a user adds their name. If you think you will join quite often, put a 'yes' in the slot required. But if its going to be every once in a while, don't say it, because I need to make room for other players. Enjoy! Do NOT remove a players name in any case, unless it is your own.

Shared document:

P.S. yes I did get Joannou's permission.

P.S.S. Unfortunately, this map is NOT all desert, but it will be as soon as 1.8 comes out. then we have to wait for realms to allow that specific customization... so it will be awhile. But I picked the most desert-ish region I could find, and it has several

The players will get wiped every week (next May 12th) at 6:00 P.M. US Eastern Time, unless a player has 'continuous' after their name! You can get it after your name by typing it, or if I see you constantly joining, I'll give it to you. Then, you will only be wiped if the list gets full (5 days afterwards if it happens).

Anyone NOT on the list above that can join is somebody that I know IRL. Respect them, please, and since some are younger (12, 13) don't use too much language around them.

Don't forget to reply! Even if you're the president of the United States, I won't add you unless you specify me too. Include your IGN if its different from your forum name.
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    can u invite me my username is awesomegameplay1