How To Survive the Desert

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Lets be straight not everyone will want to or can afford to join a town so if your one of those people follow this guide I used it untill i join a town and was never robbed.

1: Hide your base, dont just put it in the middle of the desert IT WILL BE ROBBED I go exploring and when i see thoes bases I take teh good stuff, break the chests and burn/tnt it.

2: When your looking for a base find a pool and dig under it then place a block so you cant find it with out xray, Then dig straight down until lvl 5-20. Then you build the chamber with a mine, Pig Farm, and a tree farm.

3: Lets be straight You will need to get food so i suggest buying a pig spawner then grass block. It will give you food and exp so it is a great buy but it will cost you.

4: The best way to get cash i have seen is to mine diamonds and sell them or you can go to the nether get nether rack/blaze rods and sell them to players that have a license! they cost 100K

5: If your base is found you dont want the robbers to get away with your stuff so I reccomend smelting stone and make a chamber to put your good valuables there and put stone infront 2 layers thick

6: After you get items you might want to explore and find bases to raid so go into combat with the essentials only and when fighting straif and move DONT KEEP STILL.

In the nether there is always the fear of loosing your hard earned blaze spawner or nether warts so dig far down and cover your base with lave so xrayers cant find it (T0rque gave me this idea so credit goes to him). When you are waiting for you warts to grow buy a blaze spawenr and kill stuff to get rods and pass time.

where to find nther warts: This can be one of the hardest tasks but is the greatest achievement one can get on GLD. I personaly traded and got lucky found an unexplored nether fortress and right there was warts but it was boundry so i pushed it forward with blocks, or hunt down peoples bases and hope they have warts (I found an empty base near a portal and took the warts)

Potions: well first Get a lisence! the best way i found was to mine mine mine untill you have money for it. Then save up and buy a Blaze spaner for your nice nether base NOTE DO NOT RIGHT CLICK A BED IN NETHER!!! IT EXPLODES AND WiLL RUIN YOUR BASE!

more to come

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  1. Joannou1's Avatar
    Good advice!
  2. Poison_Hack's Avatar
    This is very nice thanks for the great tips. Please make more blogs i will be happy to read them
  3. whiteoak123's Avatar
    thanks I will keep updating as i find more ways to survive as I leared this from experience! not some randome guys posts
  4. gotharer's Avatar
    Yeah. I can verify that a lot of that stuff works! Might be interested in buying some of your nether wart.
  5. OMGaPinkTurtle's Avatar
    Very good advice man. I might add going to the nether to get Obby and making a chest room with your bed in it completely surrounded by the obby.