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    Jnmcd Mute appeal

    In Game Name: Jnmcd
    Reason: Revealing staff in vanish
    Muter: (If you know it) Monkey13
    Time & Location: I was offline when I received mute. It was about 5:00 PM EST though
    Date: (If you know it) Friday
    What were you doing at the time?: Grinding
    What server were you muted on?: GLD
    Have you been banned/permanently muted previously? If so, for what?: I was banned on GLD 2.0 back when I was a noob for hacking.
    Your defense: Monkey had already said something in chat, so I technically didn't reveal him, I just reminded a player that needed help that monkey13 was on. I later placed a bounty on monkey13 b/c I don't like him.
    Your evidence to your defense: I know revealing staff members in vanish is wrong and will not do it again. I apologize for doing this and understand that if I do it again, severe punishment will ensue. Additionally, I have been muted for over 24 hours, so I feel that I have been adequately punished for my actions.
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    Unmuted! Just don't reveal staff members in vanish again and your all good

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