What server are you applying for staff on? Include it in the title!


Name: lachlan

In-game Name: lachyb666


Gender (Boy or Girl): boy

What country and timezone do you live in?: port hedland australia

How many hours a week do you play?: 6 hours

How long have you been playing GLDesert?: 4 years

Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: no

Skype Name?: lachyb666

Is English your first language?: yes

Do you speak any languages other than English?: no

What are they, if any?:


Why do you want to be a staff member?: to help out the server

What is the biggest problem you see on GLD right now?: frame rate

How would you fix it?: clear lag and less snow golems at spawn

What is your favorite thing to do on GLD- the thing you do whenever you have some spare time that never gets boring?: adventure

Do you have pride in yourself and what you do? Explain why: no not really

Staff Trials are currently a month long. How long do you think they should be, and why?: instant because people will be angry

Pretend that you are describing Minecraft and the role of a staff member using their powers to enforce the rules on GLD to an uneducated 18th century peasant as a story. What do you say? Feel free to use fantastical terms as necessary: it will be good because it is more sctricked

What are your ambitions when it comes to being a staff member? making everyone happy

Where do you see yourself being in six months time? in a massive town