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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: Uncensored_apple
    Reason: Xray Texture Pack
    Banner: (If you know it) Oldthinker
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: "You have been banned from this server for 3rd time i've caught you using X-ray. appeal at -oldthinker"
    Time & Location: 1:25pm
    Date: (If you know it) 22nd January
    What were you doing at the time?: Raiding a base
    What server were you banned on?: Gldesert
    Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?: yes, X-ray
    Your defence: I have no defence , except that i love using GLD and thought i could use X-ray and hide it but now i know i can't and if it will cost me this server i am not willing to use it again
    Your evidence to your defence: I force updated my minecraft
    Additional Info:
    I, Uncensored_apple, acknowledge that I was banned for hacking and promise not to use any hacks again so long as I am on this server. If I decide to hack in spite of this promise, I accept that I will be permanently banned from the server.
    Sorry Old

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    Thanks for the honest appeal and video. You are unbanned. Welcome back!
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