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Thread: wrongful ban

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    wrongful ban

    In Game Name:Uncensored_apple
    Reason: "another bloody hack"
    Banner: (If you know it) oldthinker
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: "you just installed another bloody hack. buy the unban this time. -oldthinker
    Time & Location:1:02
    Date: (If you know it) 23rd jan
    What were you doing at the time?: re arranging my chests from my town to my house
    What server were you banned on?:GLDesert
    Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?:yes, X-ray
    Your defence:I wasn't using hacks. I was just re arranging my chests, as i said yesterday i won't use hacks again and i didn't. The only mod i use is optifine but that gives me no advantage over other players.
    Your evidence to your defence: Attached screenshots of my mc folder and resource pack folder
    Additional InfoATTACH=CONFIG]2451[/ATTACH]Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.05.04 PM.png

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    I'll need you to explain how you were managing to instantly transfer entire contents of chests to and from your inventory without a hack. I also have optifine, and I can say with certainty that it doesn't have a "steal all" or "store all" button. Only illegal hack mods have those. And, though it need not be said, actual hacks like the one you're using do not get stored in the resourcepacks folder, so it's useless for you to post a photo of that folder. Sorry, but after unbanning you only earlier today, I'm afraid your appeal is denied unless you can show me a legit "steal all" function within vanilla or optifine.
    Buddha say, "How do I get my pee-pee out of a soda can?"

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    Wrongful ban

    i would destroy half of a large chest and the items would fall and i would pick them all up. or if i was partially full i would use shift which moves an entire stack of items to your inventory instantly.
    do i need to provide videos of my hand on the keyboard and me transferring items using shift of destroying a chest and collecting all the items?
    also what folder does it go in, ill send a screenshot of that one too.

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    No mate. I was standing right behind you in vanish. You didn't destroy the chest, and I'm not talking about holding down shift and moving a stack of 64 like items at a time. I'm talking about an entire inventory filling up in an instant from all the various and sundry things in a chest you didn't destroy. It's time to stop bullshitting. As I advised your two friends yesterday, not only are staff members not morons, we do have a very clever plug-in that alerts us to suspicious activity signatures. When you used your "steal all" button, the no-cheat plug-in went nuts every time, which is why I went to see what you were doing. As soon as I went to watch your inventory, I saw three whole rows of empty slots fill up instantly while you were standing next to an open chest. You are caught mate. Please stop lying. As this is the fourth time I have caught you hacking, and as you solemnly swore to never do it again only this morning, AND as you see fit to lie about it, sorry to say your appeal is denied. You will need to purchase the unban package.
    Buddha say, "How do I get my pee-pee out of a soda can?"

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