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Thread: Wrongful ban

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    Wrongful ban

    OldThinker, you are a smart respectable admin but you’ve taken it too far this time. I mean it with respect but my best guess is you are being over cautious since my un-ban. I have used X-ray in the past but I haven’t used any hacks since the un-ban this morning. My friend and I – Censored – could not figure out why your hack warnings would “Go crazy” but it is a possibility that it could have been the result of lag (You or Me). I will not admit to something I have not done because that would only make you even more cautious, and constantly watching me looking for the slightest thing that is most definitely the result of either lag or a malfunction in your software. I admitted to X-ray just a few hours ago I'm not stupid enough to use more hacks. Old please, I know you are just trying to do your job as admin but I swear on my heart I was not using any hacks. I would own up especially to you if i was using hacks. I'm sorry about using X-ray last night but i did not use store all hacks or any form of hack for that matter. I'm only running clean optifine 1.8.9_HD_U_H2. Please consider my appeal because GLD was the first server I joined, and so far the best one. My friends and I would like to continue playing on GLD before it stops or something of the sort.

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    Going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Unbanned.
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