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    Please make the server to be back to this.
    That is all.
    @tj16321 @joannou1

    P.S. Rw drove the server to shit, so now that he's gone - please make server back to way it was.
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    Love it. Haven't seen that in a long while.
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    whoever dis guy he nd asshole
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    r u gay. the server is better now.

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    yeah joannou1 fix this amazing minecraft server plz i remember back in the day when i used to play this i was the best it was so fun now joannou1 has just ruined it because he's on the verge of homelessness which isn't fair because the gldesert experience is the most exciting and extravagant server i've ever played and it deserves so much more recognition as it is very unique and totally a very well thought up idea of making the whole server sand.


    jeremy xx

    (the best)

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