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    Applying for Staff. - Made this works this time (I cant see it)

    Name: Daniel (not daniel brown, although he is a lad)

    In-game Name: danielbinter

    Age: 15

    Gender (Boy or Girl): Boy

    What country and timezone do you live in?: Australia (AEST)

    How many hours a week do you play?: 15

    How long have you been playing GLDesert?: since GLD 1.0 (I have no idea how long that is,)

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: No

    Skype Name?: danielblakeinternational

    Is English your first language?: Yes

    Do you speak any languages other than English?: No

    What are they, if any?:

    PART 2

    Why do you want to be a staff member?: To help increase population of GLD and help the community as much as possible.

    What is the biggest problem you see on GLD right now?: population

    How would you fix it?: I would see to it that community events would happen more often to help increase population.

    What is your favourite thing to do on GLD- the thing you do whenever you have some spare time that never gets boring?: Building and helping new people

    Do you have pride in yourself and what you do? Explain why: Yes, I have pride in helping the community and new players, and helping new players set up bases to help increase them. I also try to get others to join GLD by asking new players if they have friends that might want to join.

    Staff Trials are currently a month long. How long do you think they should be, and why?: 2-3 weeks. Enough to gain the trust of admins but also new players

    Pretend that you are describing Minecraft and the role of a staff member using their powers to enforce the rules on GLD to an uneducated 18th century peasant as a story. What do you say? Feel free to use fantastical terms as necessary: People play a virtual game (survival game) that people play with others around the world. People often do not want to obey the rules of these games and there needs to be more moderators to help keep the peace in some instances.

    What are your ambitions when it comes to being a staff member? Like I stated before, population. Population is a very important part of Minecraft servers, more population more money more time on the server, then the circle continues. If we can make more community events and make a more friendly environment for new players then the population would increase.

    Where do you see yourself being in six months time? Hopefully increasing the server population by helping new players as much as possible.

    ABOVE is the template to submit an application to be considered as a TRIAL.

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    Good app,
    I wish you the best of luck!
    Powermod Nonojang

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