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    Hey Everyone

    I started GLD when I was 12 years old. I'll be 16 this year. That shit is crazy. I was an awful player on this server before I eventually quit. I was toxic and I duped a shit ton and ruined a part of the economy. But, I would really like to know what made the server plummet. I used to log on this server everyday and talking to everyone I knew, but all of that is gone now. About half the people I expected on everday are now banned. How come? Why are people banned? Why are there drastic changes? Why are ranks changed?

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    Also new thing, many of the old players know me as "Beastly" or "beastlyriv" I have changed my new Minecraft name to RivRo.

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    There has actually been more lenient policies with regards to hacking and similar offenses. The plummet in the server's population cannot be put onto mass banning, but rather a shrinking interest in the server by its community. With the introduction of GLD's third iteration, several changes were made to prevent the decline that had begun towards the end of GLD 1.0 which had continued in GLD 2.0

    Among these changes was a new tier system for ranks. This system gave donors from the previous server less perks and additionally made the new rank they had purchasable in game. Additionally a new set of expensive ranks with upper-tier perks was made available for purchase on the website. Despite some success, this rank tier system was not as popular as the previous rank system. This had caused the GLD 3.0 community, which was largely comprised of donors, to lose interest. After some time, the server's population began to dwindle.

    The "drastic" changes that you are referring to were purely to help correct GLD's issues. The server staff is aware that we have not fixed all of GLD's problems, but we are still working on maintaining, improving and expanding the server.

    Lastly, if there are any specifics players that you feel were unjustly banned, you can mail me ingame or contact me on the forums and I will look into their appeals. If they have not appealed than I would encourage them and any banned player who believes that they were not fairly punished to fill out the appeal form.

    And Welcome back the Great Light Desert, Beastly! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to mail me in-game or shoot me a message on the forums.
    Thank you
    Powermod Nonojang

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