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    Blackneko14 and Bbunded55 send our Condolences...

    Dear GLD,

    We are very sorry to see the degradation of the server.. It kind of seems to have died since we were both banned aand kick out.. So sorry to hear that. Like damn Not like you had an Abusing admin that fucked up everything for you or anything like that. Too bad so sad tho... Good luck with the future

    -Blackneko and Bbunded55

    P.S. Daniel_brown was the best admin ive ever seen.

    P.S.S Keltic We miss you and im sure you miss our wallets.

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    While the server's player base is small, there is still a small and loyal group which hops on occasionally. GLD is not as it once was, but is still getting by.
    You can appeal here to be unbanned: You will be missed though.

    Powermod Nonojang

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