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    Rip gld

    Hey Im Velocity, but some of you might remember me as xXGemogoXx from old GLD. As most people know GLD has died off and the main reason was the update a few years ago. The update removed spawners to try to fix the economy but only made it worse in my opinion and removed a lot of donators perms. I cannot fly or anything like that anymore as Desert Sage, I used to be able to fly and be in god mod. I have a few suggestions to try to help the server start back up again, If these get fixed I will forsure start playing again. 1) Re-Add Spawners!!! Every server practically has spawners and so should gld! Blazes and Ig's etc. would help so much! 2) Give donors their perm's back! This is what we payed for! 3) Finally, a new idea I had was to give donators access to /sell hand. Thanks and I hope to see your guys feedback! Lets make Gld great again!!

    - _Velocity_ (xXGemogoXx)

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    Thanks for posting your feedback Velocity! It's good to see that people still care about and have concern for GLD, and I hope I'll be seeing you around in-game a lot more often.

    I hope someone can get back to you on this soon, I'd love to see more communication and ideas getting tossed around.

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