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Thread: Market Fix!

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    Administrator Ancient Sage
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    Market Fix!

    MrLight has had his funds replenished and the market will now allow you to sell and buy items once again!

    Thank you,
    GLD Staff Team

    If there are any further issues involving the market, or things that should be added/removed, feel free to leave them here.
    Powermod Nonojang

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    It can only be Elsewb... Nomad
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    idk, maybe lower some of the prices? Some of them are kinda ridiculous, but great work! Time to make MrLight go broke again

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    That was fast, he's broke again

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    if the prices could be changed, and more things added to the shop, we wouldn't need to give MrGLD more money, If I had the permissions to do so, I'd do it. also, the player shop prots are dead and should be completely wiped.

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