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    The lack of Improvement and EASY FIXES is killing the server. Make me staff!

    Seriously, first off, there's a bug making random new players Moderator upon joining, giving them the option to kick and ban players, among other things! People who come to the server for the first time, are being moderator automatically(Seriously).

    Second off, the permissions need a touch up, for things like mob catcher specifically, THIS CAN BE FIXED SO EASILY, I don't know why it hasn't been fixed.

    the economy is stale because the /warp market prices are out of this world insane, If i had the permissions, I would literally fix that in less than a day, all in one sitting, and I'd price it reasonably. I made a staff app a while ago, and I never heard anything back! Nonojang, if you're reading this whenever you get active again, I added you on skype.

    The staff needs a cleaning out, point blank period as well. Thewayfaringnomad is abusing his power in rediculous levels, giving Batzee stupid protected regions(how is that hardcore? Batzee should have to make a town like every other player instead of taking up large land masses for his creative builds.

    I've been here for years, I'm probably the most active on the server, and I am definitely the most knowledgeable on the server when it comes to commands, permissions,etc(as far as active players go, I'd assume nonojang knows as much and probably more than me- I'd hope so at least).

    please Remove Thewayfaringnomad from staff, I have no problem with him personally, but he definitely should not be in staff after seeing what I've seen(including kicking two players out of their own town "or else" because Batzee wanted it unclaimed.

    the more I play the more obvious it becomes that laziness and lack of good staff is killing the server.

    TBH, the only staff I see doing ANYTHING of value, moderation/maintence-wise, is Monkey and Nonojang, they are the only ones I reckon should keep their staff position.

    Some of the staff know nothing of towny and the server or minecraft in general and it boggles my mind that someone considered them staff worthy.

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    UPDATE: Ban appeals and everything in general- I can't post a thread.

    Here we go.

    In Game Name: PurpleJuiceman
    Reason: For exploiting a towny glitch(Unknowingly/wrongfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Banner: (If you know it)
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: Banned for exploiting a towny glitch, cool down.
    Time & Location:
    Date: (If you know it)
    What were you doing at the time?: I did recently claim an outpost, though, I didn't exploit anything, I claimed an outpost I wished to have, and it was claimable, therefore it was not too close to anyones town. If I knew there was some hush hush bogus semantical rule in regards to something like this, I wouldn't have done it... I have never experienced something like that in all of my years on the server.

    Your defense: I went a decent distance away, this isn't a towny glitch, this is a towny setting that im pretty certain is configurable. IF you want someone to set outposts further away, change the settings for the plugin, very easy.
    Your evidence to your defense: The area was very cool, I wished to have it, and it was far enough away from the nearest town i.e could not see the players in the other town.
    Additional Info: This ban is bullshit, I'm pretty sure I have more outposts like this close to my allies/other towns.

    Please tell me who banned me as well, this is clearly rediculous and spiteful. No warning, no whats up? nothing??

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    You were temporarily banned as a result of setting an outpost within a town and within spawn. You cite how long you have been here, so you should know that setting an outpost in places you shouldn't is not acceptable. The ban is one day and does not warrant an appeal. This ban was not spiteful, it was no ridiculous, and given your time here you should not need a warning to know what you did was blatantly wrong.

    With regards to your constant requests to join the staff team, I will once again tell you: You will not get staff with your current behavior.
    Repeatedly demanding staff, slandering various members of the staff team, appealing for temp bans on the wrong thread, incorrectly appealing, instigating issues, and acting mature overall will not put you on the track to more responsibility, and so I ask that you tone down your rhetoric and follow the rules.

    Thank you
    Powermod Nonojang

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