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    I'm actually unsure how much of the town will be there. I was not around 4 months ago. Perhaps some will be (cross fingers) and maybe none of it will.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joannou1 View Post
    I'm glad you all seem to be pretty forgiving, cause I would be pretty upset.

    If you can get anything from a 4 month old backup, let me know and I'll put that up so we can get stuff from it.
    Wouldn't want to have priceless artifacts completely lost!
    And the worthless spammer thing is something from ye olden days, since the site got rolled back, you only have 1 post apparently.
    In regards to re-obtaining those artifacts: I have recorded a few locations around the server that were nice to look at and I believe a few were found in those; but some artifacts were literally buried in the sand one block under in the middle of nowhere; and a dairy I found once was amongst a bunch of gear on the ground. Probably from a player that died there years ago (it was in the nexus, so it is possible that no one had explored that area for a very long time).

    About half of interesting artifacts were found by other players. AnthonyColin was the one to find most of the Alpha blocks and I believe it was either Smurfadelis or Poo_Master who found a book series and gave them to me.

    If you do re-upload the old server then the most historic item we would find in large amounts would probably be the player heads. In a way they record who has been on this server and are bountiful.

    About the title next to my name thing. My profile seems to have been lost so I made a new one using the same email. I know its the same email because I have notifications from this thread on it. It's weird but it doesn't really affect me in a negative way so meh...
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