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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesfuston1 View Post
    Oh shoot
    Oh shoot

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    So, was there any estimated date to when the the server fixes up? Dying to get back on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA_LunaticFringe View Post
    So, was there any estimated date to when the the server fixes up? Dying to get back on.
    DA_LunaticFringe, there is no ETA for the server as of now. For more frequent updates/news join our discord server.

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    Oh wow i forgot about this.

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    Remember me friends?

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    The server has been completely down for a few months now... I just want an honest answer telling whether the server will be coming back up or not. I do remember Joann saying that the server will be up for as long as he is alive, is he dead? Cheers

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    I started working on a side project with Joseph (another staff member) as this is unofficial and Idk how Joan will take it we're not sure if we can even release it but it's starting to look really good now. It's strongly based off of how 1.0 was originally made and less of a revised updated version (like how 2.0 and 3.0 went). I don't want to give a release date because that'll just set everything in stone but we've come a long way, lets just say that :P

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    A little sneak peak of the new GLDLegacy server! As mentioned in the video it is coming soon and rather quickly at that. The server is new not a restart! Totally new, New look, new owners, new community! stay tuned for an update on the release, save the IP on your server list as we will keep updates on the Message Of The Day (MOTD)!

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    Joannou1 ( Ps; I took your name in league of legends long ago; pm me if you want it back)

    joannou1, what would happen to those who had ranks? Would they be given back? As well, who would run this gldesert 2.0 because I played your server in it's final moments and it had zero people on it. Would staff applications open; if so, I'm looking foward to run this gldesert whether it's forums or in-game.

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