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    Hey everyone, for the past month some of the server staff from the old GLD server have been working together and trying to get a new server set up. We are happy to announce that Monday, July 24th at 12pm EST in the afternoon will be the release date of the new server! The IP is and we cant wait to see you all then!
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    I wont be able to play as often as i used to because of work but ill be able to hop on for an hour or 2 at a time each day depending on how exhausted i am from work.

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    Hey GLD!

    I was wondering if anyone had the download links for the maps from the previous servers. Unfortunately I canmot contribute to the new server as I see in the future, but I hope GLD can make a return. Maybe I'll drop in one day!

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    So no more hope for the original GLD, correct?

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