First and foremost, I would like to apologize for this rather inconveniently timed event.
We had a 'bit' of an incident with our previous server provider and a lot of data was lost.

Basically, we had been using a vacant server to host the site and server for the last year, nobody was using it.
It had been prepaid from Jan 7'th 2016 > Jan 7'th 2017.
The people that owned the server decided to close down some of their servers preemptively before the new year.
Sadly, they forgot to tell me.
I had intended to download everything and get it moved to a new server around now, but it was too late.
As a result, the latest backup I had is from 8/20.

This is really upsetting because not only did we lose the thread with all that info, we lost anything that anyone has made on GLD for the last 4 months.
I'm terribly sorry if anyone has lost anything as a result of this incident.
It could have been prevented by taking more regular backups, but I didn't because GLD wasn't really doing much since then.

Rest assured, the new server will still be going forward, and all of the advice that was put down is ingrained in my mind and heart.
Anyone that has lost anything will be compensated somehow on the new server, we'll help you in any way to get your old structures back, whether that be creative/worldedit/etc.

With that said, if anyone does still have screenshots/messages from the old thread, re-posting them here would be much appreciated.
The new server will have an automated backup system that will backup everything ideally once a day.

I'm not sure putting up a 4 month old backup of the current GLD would do anyone good if we're just going to make a new server shortly after.
So if anything, this has forced things to proceed a bit sooner than expected.


We have a discord now!
It's quite unlikely that discord will be as careless as I was, so feel free to join and chat it up there.

(Incase you have no idea what was going on before, basically we're going to relaunch the first version of GLD to as close as it was before, there was a 10 page thread with a lot of input and a large poll.)