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    I'd be willing to donate as well. We need updates here. The discord isn't active at all so there's no communication between the owner and the community.

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    Years in the future... But not many.
    I guess we'll see you in another two years, Joan.

    "May I serve the order honourably."

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    Well, I still want to do it, but I can't halfass it.
    Apologies for hype then nothing yet, just when you think you got some time, you don't.

    I've just been busy trying to advance my Java career if you will, still in the MC side of things though!
    As a result, seems like everyone wants my time every day.
    Of course I could put something together, but it needs to be special, needs to be treated like it was when it first came out.

    I can promise you there will be action, but I hate to promise dates then not be able to meet them.
    It might be sooner than you expect.

    Thanks for sticking around.

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    It will automatically update when we make changes to it!

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    Dude this is all we needed to know. Take time with personal stuff its understandable especially if its job related or something. We'll be around. Don't ware yourself so thin that you feel like your ready to snap at any moment. ..Personal matters is a million times more important then a minecraft server.

    I think something though needs to be said. This GLD will never and never be able to be the first GLD. Ever. Even if you use the same exact build as the first time. Even if you have old maps from it. Heck if somehow everyone from the old days back on..It won't be the same. It never will be 1.0. Ever, and people need to accept that and move on. The original GLD 1.0 is gone.. It was upgraded and changed. Wiped from the slate. I wasn't around for GLD 1.0 no. " Oh you don't understand you weren't around then." Well no I won't but I know clinging to old ideas like that won't end well. You will be disappointed. Don't chase shadows of the past. Missing how things were back then in life will leave you stuck and upset when you finally do or experience that old thing it will never be the same. You aren't the same person you were years ago.

    Build up from the old and learn from past mistakes. Because if we were all honest with ourselves I'm pretty damn sure that GLD 1.0 wasn't the perfect thing they all think and say it was.

    Good luck Joan. Take your time with things and just make little updates now and then to let people know what is up but don't try to please everyone. Nostalgia is fun and all, but that's all it is. Make something wonderful. Make something new. Take parts from GLD 1.0 but don't remake it.

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    Joan. I have loved GLD since the day it came, through the highs, the lows, and every other time that i felt like quitting, it stayed on top as the only server that I felt the need to come back to and visit. That said, people do not understand how much work goes into making a custom server like the one we have had the pleasure of playing here for so long. It takes so much time coding for plugins, and then you have pesky ranks which are such a freaking annoyance (never did learn how to do them), and so many other custom nooks and crannies that just take seemingly forever to finally check off of the long list with completion in mind.

    This sounds like a tangent off of the original inspirational thoughts that I had in mind, but I feel as though you need to know how much we appreciate the thought that you put into the server and how much you are putting forward even right now-though many, me included sometimes :P sorry i'm selfish and only think about my wants and not the effort needed for a crazy cool server, do not feel like you are doing much-to the server and the development thereof.
    Keep up the outstanding work Joan, she (the server) will be here when she is ready.

    P.S. I'd love to beta test if you need testers. :P <3
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    wow, I was looking back at old screenshots on my computer and I came across an old gld screenshot. Then I decided to come onto the website (Expecting for it not to exist anymore) I saw this post. I really hope this comes through, many of people have memories here. <3

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    I've played on the server since around 2014-2015 most people know me as haydenetherton or Hayden (maybe even farmerboy) and the server has always been there in my lists for multiplayer. I've gone through around 3 computers and everytime I download minecraft the first server I add to the list is GLD it's always been a home for me and it always will be. I can't wait for it to come back up and for it to be working again. I do understand than Joan needs time for personal things but it would be really nice for it to come back up.

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    I saw the email that got sent around awhile ago and have been really having the urge to play MC again. I'm really hoping this gets rolling I remember this server back from 2011 and have a lot of good memories playing here. I'd be willing to help out with anything needed as far as setting up or building. Good to see some names on here from ages ago, I want to see this happen lol. The original gld was prob my fav server, so much so that the other servers I played on had to be similar to this or I wouldn't play them.

    Cheers Joan good to see you.

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    just checked the site to see if this was still up, i honestly used to love this server and i hope it comes back up tbh

    also jesus christ i just checked my posts on this account -- sorry to anyone who had to endure that cancer

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