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    The revive of GLDLegacy

    Hey guys as you probably have heard there is a new GLDLegacy that is coming very soon, as early as this Saturday or Sunday morning! within the past few weeks Me and Ty have been working on getting the server ready. This is a new server, and does not have any relation to GLDesert. The New GLDLegacy is not the same as before. We are looking for Staff members as the applications which are still open. We are working on a forums and our website day and night. We are currently in Alpha Testing where we have allowed 10 players to be allowed to log on the server to work out the kinks in the server. If you'd like to be updated on when the server goes public please add me on Discord! FivePeace#3628 If you have any questions on the server, staff apps, or anything server related also PM me. We also have added Donor worlds! with different biomes. We also have a Custom terrain generator!

    it is currently on whitelist for our Alpha testers to log on.
    But as said above it will be released to public within the next day

    Also here are some sneak peaks of the map. Along with pictures of the donor worlds. Along with a few pictures of spawn and the terrain. The server is not a full Desert we also have included the Mesa! You can find wood and water in the Mesa.
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    Hello, my name is Auda.
    I'll be adding you on discord; will be looking foward to the new project you are working on!
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