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    =GLServers® Ban Appeal Template=

    Not sure why you're banned? Check here,

    In Game Name:
    Banner: (If you know it)
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on:
    Time & Location:
    Date: (If you know it)
    What were you doing at the time?:
    What server were you banned on?:
    Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?:
    Your defense:
    Your evidence to your defense:
    Additional Info:
    Banned for a modified and/or hacked client? Add this bottom part to your appeal.
    "I, [your username], acknowledge that I was banned for hacking and promise not to use any hacks again so long as I am on this server. If I decide to hack in spite of this promise, I accept that I will be permanently banned from the server."
    This template is subject to change. Any and all appeals not follow the template from here on out will be deleted as seen fit. 
    GLServers INC., holds the right to deny any and all appeals.

    If you were banned for a modified and/or hacked client you MUST post a video of you force updating. This video will show you how to correctly delete/force update. - Don't have screen recording software? Try out
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