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Thread: Introductions

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    Hi guys! I noticed the forum was kind of empty so I decided to get it started with something how about introducing your selves!

    I am Josh, 21 years old.
    Been playing Minecraft for quite a few months now, server hopped some and finally stopped here to dedicate my time to this server.
    Hope to see you guys in the game and get to know you all, and just have enjoy this server and all it offers. I have already found quite a few enjoyable players to play with.
    In-game name is Auion, My town is Moon.

    Now it's everyone else's turn. :-p
    See you all on the server!

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    im carl, 19 years old
    i just started playing minecraft a few weeks a go, kinda played back in beta on my brothers comp and when i found out the full game was out i went ahead and bought it.
    i have my own server that me and my brother play on but it got boring with just the two of us on it so i found this server and really like playing on it

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    I am Freek aka froekoewoekoe. <- try to pronounce.
    I'm 17 years old and live in the Netherlands.
    I have been playing minecraft for 1 year and +- 2months on GLD and I'm atm a event-man/mod.
    I'm the leader of Imperial so if any of you want to join .....

    Hope to see ya.

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    Nice to meet you guys.

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    Always a great topic to have. You're just amazing, Auion :3

    Well, I'm Kyle (CrimsonDagger) and I'm probably (No, I am) the youngest on this thread at age fifteen.
    I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, and have played the actual game of Minecraft for nearly a year and a half.
    I'm a hermit, who lives in the one-man town of Legion. (Guess who the only citizen is!)

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    Well I'm Lyndon aka prince_tui_teka and im 18 live on the Gold Coast in Australia been playing minecraft for about a year now.
    Im Chief of a new town Called Raiders and if u want to join just ask when im online.


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    Hey guys, I'm Nigel, I'm 17 years old. I've been looking for a hardcore survival PVP server, and I've found it.

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    We need more people to introduce themselves.

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    [MENTION=38]Auion[/MENTION] Sure I'll pitch in!

    I'm Joannou1,
    (Johnny Joannou)
    I own the GLD's servers... Yes! 's.. (more for other games coming soon, anyone play GMOD?)
    I also built everything, with the help of our wonderful staff and donators of course!

    19, and I just moved from CA to SC, but my Realtor found me the best deal ever back in CA...
    So hes paying for my plane ticket, so that's just awesome.

    I hope you all are enjoying the server!

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    your 19 and have your own realtor? whattt im 19 i want one hahha

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