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Thread: Introductions

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    my prot land
    i am michael andersen i am 15 and in a rotc unit iv been playing minecraft for 1 and 1/2 monthes and i love this server

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    Hi! My IGN is Footontable, but my name is Declan. I have been playing MC since late 1.7.3, have played on MANY servers, my brother and my friends are included. I love HG servers, and I used to play on Fear PVP, a factions server, which.... now kinda sucks. So my cousin (IGN is Alasover) showed me this server and I love it!

    I am in the town The_Hood, along with Sniffah22 (My brother) Alasover (My Cousin) and Questionnc_Karma (My Friend) along with a few others.

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    hey my name is andrew (in game name andyq9433) im in mango im 14 (snow im the youngest) love GLD been plaing for overa month and am donating soon ihope nice to meet you all XD

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    My name is Blair I'm 13 FU all that r older then me, I'm a d sage, I've been playing minecraft for a few months now, I love Gld, and hope that more noovs join so i can pwn them all, Jk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman6611 View Post
    My name is Blair I'm 13 FU all that r older then me, I'm a d sage, I've been playing minecraft for a few months now, I love Gld, and hope that more noovs join so i can pwn them all, Jk.
    Blair your 12 stop lying you turn 13 this summer( i think) you are also d king not d sage

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    tion... u don't know meh, u stalker... and I posted this when I was d sage not dking

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    Hi,Im Ben aka benjwu2 (obviously) .I started playing minecraft last year in july,after about a week of messing with my SSP world.I joined my first server and got killed .After doing this about 3 times.I noticed on a server with a banner that exclaimed in bold white letters,"100% desert!"That, of course,was Gld.I joined,and like all noobs before me,ran off to the middle of the desert and made my underground lair there.After a few months of mining,my brother sees my monitor and decides he likes the server and joins.After a few minutes of looking at my mine,he decides its too dark so he digs to the surface and makes a skylight.Of course,someone discovered the glass on the floor of the desert and went inside and completely wrecked our base.They found our sky base too .So after a few days of wondering what to do,I go on the forums,and see porterks menacing,"declaration of war" against amichaels town.So I go to warp snowpvp,type /top and go hit some pigmen in the grinder.While my friends and I are doing this Hikeno19 (curse you!) comes and kills us.So even though I disliked hikeno I decided to defend amichs town for the greater good.I join a skype call with his friends,get cussed out,quit the skype call.After that skype call I didnt care what happened to that town.I wake up in the morning,the day after war,and nothing happened to the town at all.I log back in later,see a town member and I just stood there and watched.Then he pulls out a diamond sword and kills me for not defending the town .So to make a long story short,I head back to my friends in a newly hidden mine,then I join enfinity where I live happily and richly now (as an S-T)

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    Hey Guys I Am Joseph, 15 years old, I live in australia, I have just come back from minecon (It Was Epic) and I love playing GLD
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