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    Would you rent a sub-forum for your nation?

    With the recent revision to the forums, it occurred to those of us on the senior staff that many users might like to have some sort of 'private' sub-forum where they can post stuff relevant to their nations and the towns in those nations without worrying about other forum goers reading those posts or the like. While skype is obviously useful for communicating person to person, not everyone can be assured to read the massive and often spammed nation conversations or the like.

    Now, while I would love for this to be a free service, it does cost money to run the server and managing nation groups, passwords (changing the passwords if compromised) and otherwise handling that setup will take a chunk of time out of the administration's already busy schedule- as a result, we're polling for interest in the 'renting' of a nation subforum- either on a month to month basis, or for larger lengths of time.


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    I think it's a good idea, the only problem that comes into mind is the "size" of our what you could call "Waring" community. There isn't many towns that regularly war and have a large community. This might limit the amount of times threads would be rented. The forums community is quite small at the moment there isn't many active users, who knows this might turn that around?
    All up, quite a good idea.

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    I like this idea

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    I'm all for it.
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    I hate to revive this but was this ever actually put into place? If not make an announcement about it on the new server, I know that War has become alot more exciting from what I have seen and nations that like to keep secret would love to utilize this.

    Again i'm sorry for reviving this thread, I just love the idea.

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