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Thread: Ahhhh yiss!

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    Ahhhh yiss!

    In the spirit of rage, I have decided that I will make another post, although unfortunately, I lack a passionate anger for most things now. So if you have a set of ideas, or one big idea to let me write another rage thread about it. And again, in the spirit of rage, would you kindly go fuck yourselves. Good day.
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    1. Don't call a staff by their name and wait for them to respond before asking your questions
    2. Don't expect anyone to help you with anything that involves selections, if you're not there while you're asking

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    When someone is spamming in /msg, thinking that staff can't see so they believe they can get away with anything in it.

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    When someone think their opinion is the only opinion that matters, and they are better/above everyone else.

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    When people bug me for OP xD

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    When LWC corrupts the database and Kerrus has to remove them all.
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    When noobs cry cuz someone like me raids their base and taunt them about and then start spamming
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