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    The tpa scamming shouldbe against the rules imo
    I've seen so many noobs join the server and get killed by some spawn killer and then leave.
    They are making it hard on new players.
    That pascalk cunt has been /tpa scamming for weeks and no1 has done shit about it
    he must've made like 20 new players leave
    it;s spawn killing, ban people who do it NQA.

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    Yeah I kinda feel guilty about helping killing some guys with pascal about 5 times before I actually realised it pissed people off so I went off to kill some people in PVP, of course pascal carried on and we told him to stop because it was giving us a bad reputation, then he killed our town leader so we kicked him from our town, thank god for that or our town would've been pretty screwed. Oh and I was wondering if I'm allowed to protect the town signs? Some of them were written by non donators so I don't know if its against the rules to lock them.

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    Since there seems to be some confusion over the updated donator pvp rules, I'm going to comment on the relevant section:

    When it says you can use donator powers to avoid pvp, that means that you were never in pvp. You never attacked anyone [PERIOD], during the period prior to using your powers to escape (usually a vengeful player).

    It does NOT mean "I'm not attacking anyone while running away."


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    Add a rule, which says, that it is not allowed to chat with other people on /me. Its a complete misuse of the command ,and /me should only be used for roleplaying purposes.

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    .... why?

    GLDesert is many things, but it is not an RP server. As far as I'm concerned, there's no reason our players should be prevented from using the /me command for whatever their purposes are. If this were a roleplay only server or something along those lines, I might feel differently. But it isn't.

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    I feel that, even tho' this isn't a roleplay server, then /me was added to be used, to show something that you are doing, like ... /me is selling a tree, or /me is walking past a tree. It wasn't added to be used as a chat. We have /general for that.

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    Okay, and that's a valid point. But that's something to go "I don't like how that player's using that command" not something that impacts your gaming experience like spam, abuse of colored text, or cheating does.

    I'm not seeing this being something we would ever care to enforce, because it would just be needless busywork that doesn't contribute anything to the server.

    Does it still annoy me when I see people talking in /me? Oh absolutely- but that's something that I just turn my nose at and go "Hmph, plebians."- I don't go "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL I AM THE POWER!" and start muting people- even as much as I'd like to.

    Ultimately, this is a small and largely inconsequential issue. It's not worth putting a rule for.

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    You're the boss at this point man. Your decision

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    I suggest a rule which bans the use of Shop's as chest protection. Its obviously taking advantage of something, which is not supposed to be used that way.

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