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    Okay, Finley (might be Finley02 but server is down) this little bitch........[WARNING: YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A RANT ZONE, TREAD WITH CAUTION]

    He first asked to buy diamond armour, i needed cash so i tped to him. Upon arrival he says he wants it free, i say "good luck", he says "give it to me or I'll hack kill you, I know the command", i say "bullshit". I leave and forget about him. Later i see him whine because he got killed in pvp. He basically says he got unfairly killed, and whines about wanting his stuff back. then the guy who killed him dies and Finley says "yea, don't mess with me". Later he keeps whining about someone not giving him a cheap price for some item. And I have logged into him spamming telling others to tp to him or vise versa. Lastly, when i most recently confronted him, he denied all these and said i'm lying.....i didn't budge, he then says "sorry, how much do you want (referring to a bribe)", i say "sorry wont cut it, i want you to accept that threatening to hack and spamming have consequences. You can't whine your way out now". I logged out after sending it.

    Why do we have to put up with him? Some of you have seen how annoying he is!....rant over

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    Get a screenshot of him spamming and make a report then he will get banned
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