ALL donors are subject to these terms and conditions. These have been on the webpage since the server went up. It covers all donations that will be, or have been given to the server. So if you have any questions about stuff. Please look here. This is taken directly from the donation page. When you get to the cart, where you can see the stuff in your basket, in order to check out you have to check the box at the bottom. If you click on the blue "Tems and Conditions" you will see the exact following:

--The Terms--
Refund Terms And Facts:

-Under no circumstances are donations refundable.
-Your payment is considered a donation towards the server.
-PayPal Does NOT cover digitally sold goods.
-Attempting to request a refund will be denied, as you have received your package and it is a donation.
-Packages are subject to change at any given time without notice.
-If there is a problem with package delivery, it is not by any means the fault of the Great Light Desert. It is some technical issue with BuyCraft or PayPal IPN, and will only be dealt with if the GLD staff are notified.
-By donating, You agree to abide by these Terms.

Thank's For Understanding that I need the donations to keep the server running!