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    So what is a nation, exactly? Is it like a group of allied towns, or what?

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    You are correct a Nation is a group of allied towns.
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    If 1 town is found bombing a mother in the nation then they will get kicked so u have to be careful who u bomb at wartime, if there is still a wartime

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    A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one town as the capital. The mayor of that capital is the king. A nation also has it's own bank. It can also tax the towns that belong to it.

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    A nation is a band of towns allied together and protected by each other during war. It is governed by a King who is the leader of the capital, perks include lots of towns not bombing you and /n set title.

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    You are correct. A nation is a group of allied towns, but they are not protected from each other. Towns in the nation are able to raid other towns in the same nation, but that is not a good idea. If the king, or leader of the entire nation as a hole, finds out, the town(s) that raied would most likely be kicked.
    Here is more information about nations:
    1. The nation is able to tax its towns daily, like towns are able to tax its residents.
    2. The nation has a daily upkeep too. Currently, it is 10,000 lightstones.
    ~This is why many nations have a tax.
    3. Just like towns again, there could be national assistants.
    ~They have the power to add, kick, set titles, and complete other tasks. They do not have permission to withdraw
    money from the bank.
    -To set titles, do /n set title <player> <name>. Note: Titles do have a limit to how long they can be.
    -To clear a title, type /n set title <player>.
    4. Members of the nation, assistants or not, can have custom titles.
    ~Regular town members would have it in white.
    ~Town mayors would have it in light blue.
    ~The king would have it in gold.
    -The titles would appear before the town you are in.
    5. Also like towns, there is a national chat (/nc <message>).
    6. Although nations may have a tax, it is a good idea to join one. This provieds you with the opportunity to meet new
    friends and have a less chance to be raided during war.
    7. Nations are albe to ally with other nations, making it be a safer groupe to be in.
    ~Nations are also able to add opposing nations as enemies, so be careful about that.
    8. During war, allied towns in the same nations usually defend each other, not raid.
    9. For more information, type /n.
    ~This shows:
    -The name of the nation.
    -The amount of money in the nation bank.
    -The king and assistants.
    -The towns part of it.
    -The allies and enemies.
    10. Type /n <nation name> to see the status of other nations.
    I own the Wisdom nation. If you would like to join, mail or message me in the game.
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    To Sum It Up Nations Are EPIC

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