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    New Donator Perk - Rename Items


    I think it would be a cool idea to allow players of a certain donator rank to change the name of their items.

    Anvils are blocked, of course, so this would happen through a plugin.

    I've tested some out on my server and I think this one is the best:
    This plugin has a simple, easy to remember command (/anvil) and has easily controllable permissions.

    There is also:
    Which is also good but has a longer, less generic command (/renameplus)

    This would be purely for the pleasure of the person naming the item, since most of the custom death messages on GLD don't involve the item name (although I do believe 1 or 2 do).

    Inappropriate words shouldn't be too much of a problem, seeing as the staff can manage the chat pretty well.

    Nametags should theoretically be usable using this plugin (although I can't confirm as I have not tested it out)

    I mostly want this plugin so I can rename my swords into awesome anime names
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    You can buy name tags for 5k at the market. Anvils are not required to rename an item.

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