Welcome to GLDesert's 'In-Game Purchases' section of the forums!

NEED A SPAWNER CHANGED? JUST DO '/payc buy (mobname)' while looking at the spawner you want to change!

Below, you will be able to find a few formats for the things can buy in-game:

/payc buy (mob) <- While looking at spawner!

Mob Spawner Changes
Want a mob spawner? Donate for one and help the server out!

Here is the list of prices for Mob-Spawner changes:

Cow - 5,000 Lightstones /payc buy cow
Mushroom - 10,000 Lightstones /payc buy moosh
Pig - 5,000 Lightstones /payc buy pig
Sheep - 5,000 Lightstones /payc buy sheep
Chicken - 5,000 Lightstones /payc buy chicken
Zombie - 15,000 Lightstones /payc buy zombie
Skeleton - 15,000 Lightstones /payc buy skeleton
Creeper - 15,000 Lightstones /payc buy creeper
Spider - 15,000 Lightstones /payc buy spider
CaveSpider - 25,000 Lightstones /payc buy cavespider
 PigZombie - 25,000 Lightstones /payc buy pigzombie
Enderman - 35,000 Lightstones /payc buy enderman
Wolf- 50,000 Lightstones /payc buy wolf
Snowman- 5,000 Lightstones /payc buy snowman
Blaze - 100,000 Lightstones /payc buy blaze
MagmaCube - 100,000 Lightstones /payc buy magmacube
SilverFish - 25,000 Lightstones /payc buy silverfish
EnderDragon - Sorry, Can't be done.
Ghast - 1,500,000 Lightstones, ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NETHER! (Not available via /payc)

Players are able to buy elite mobs for 1usd each! Currently the only elite mob you can buy is a witch.

There are alternate names for mobs, like chicken can be shortened to chick.

Brewing Licenses
In GLDesert, you need a License to be able to brew potions. If you get caught brewing potions or being in possession of a potion without having a license, you will have your items confiscated.

To get a Brewing Licenses you only have to do /warp market and buy it from the market!
Very Easy!