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    How to avoid getting scammed [3.0]

    Hey guys, noticed an increase in scamming recently and spotted this original post: and thought it was a bit outdated, but still relevant to GLD, most of its the original post, I just edited and added a few things.

    1. Type /res [Player] to see the amount of money they have. Do not trust townless noobs, they are the ones that are most likely to try to scam you. also check if they are the mayor if they are in a town, most mayors keep their money in their town bank, if they don't have the money they offered, be weary.

    2. Ask a donator to tpa to the player you're interacting with and see if they have the intention to killing the donator. Donators can always fly away, tp in md, or tp in god.

    3. As an extreme precaution (Extremely suspicous player), ask player with the rank of Mod+ to ./invsee the player you're interacting with to see if they have the specified item.

    4. Trade at a safe, but secret place. Like somewhere hidden in spawn, or somewhere obscure like /warp joansmaze where you won't get other players trying to scoop the item . Anywhere with no players and pvp disabled is a good place to make the exchange.

    5. Look at what type of armour the person you're interacting with is wearing. If they're wearing leather armour and are offering things like prot 4 or buying it, more lightly than not, if they don't have the materials to afford good armour for themselves, they may well have the intent to get some illegally and scam you.

    6. Trust donators more than non-donators. Donators have much more to lose when banned. They also tend to know the rules better than defaults.

    7. If the person you're interacting with is premium and up. Ask to trade at their protected land.

    8. Use common sense.

    9. If you are purchasing a rank from a non-donator via giving them items. You are most likely (99.99%) of getting scammed.
    If you want someone to buy you a package, have a MOD watch over you, they can see messages and watch the whole deal. If something goes bad, they know the proper punishment. also even if your getting it off a donator,be careful, higher ranking donators are more trustworthy, if your buying it off someone thats a VIP for example, be weary that they haven't bought themselves high level ranks, and possibly be suspicious that they are willing to buy you ranks for items when they don't even have a protland to store them at.

    10. Keep in mind that staff need evidence to punish the scammer whilst doing the trade, I would say its worth screenshotting any moment to prove your innocence before you hand over the goods, its worth screenshotting msgs between you and the other person, stating amounts and items ect, any transactions made, any possible responses from them like "hah you just got scammed", send these to a staff member or post them on the forum in the report a player section if you end up being scammed.

    11. make sure to know if the player is prone to things like this, ask in chat or msg a staff member, also look out to see if they have any warnings, keep in mind these could have been from scamming or tp killing
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