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    Can't teleport to town spawn.

    What area do I go to so I can teleport to my town's spawn? I've already tried going through the market, and the server's spawn.

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    ./warp spawn then /town spawn should do it, if you cant get there by that means, you might be in a town with an unset spawn, possibly an unclaimed town - although that would send you a message saying something along the lines of the town spawn is not set.

    do /town, look at the number of claimed plots, that will help indicate it, also its worth talking to your mayor incase it is unclaimed by accident, best doing /town online and if anyone is online in your town, do /tc then ask how you get there or ask to tp to them there.
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    Or Grim494 check that you have money cause you get charged 5ls every time you teleport to town spawn.

    I'm glad to help

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