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    Reply to @TheOnlyZacMan10's ban appeal

    Well, hello there.
    I saw your screenshot of your version folder. I saw something suspicious. I marked it in yellow.

    Ooooh. let's google it.
    hmmm, look what I found o.O

    Please explain this to me. AND I got a last thing to say about you being "hacked"

    Isn't it suspicious that you after around 3 minutes after you got "hacked" that you know that you got hacked?
    AND. this might be interesting about the "skin hack"

    Have a good evening, zac

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    How do u know that I don't just have a folder called "Resilience" That has photos in it? I could have misplaced it and not realized it. #CAMB (and if u are too stupid to know what that means, which you probably are, that means Come At Me Bro)

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    who the fuck inconveniently misplaces places a folder that shares a name with a hacked client in your minecraft versions folder. there are 2 reasons you would be there, to install a snapshot, or to install hacks. besides, the fact that you later removed the screenshot and changed it indicates you are blatantly guilty and was lying.
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    Xenu ain't taking no shit lol good job

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