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Thread: Is this legal?

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    You know what? If we pay so much money for a rank with a few extra, amazing perks, we deserve its amazing perks. Imo, you shouldn't nerf this because we paid for it, not you. If you're going to sit here and complain, go buy it yourself and then we'll see how much you hate this pet riding ability.

    Oh yeah, just one last thing, this is nothing compared to speed hacks.
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    When us staff get a chance to look at it in more depth, Im sure we will come to a conclusion. Btw peter that post is stupidly spammy, could have made it red and size 3 to emphasise your point. and generally, the point in RT isn't to give you perks that make you considerably better at pvp that no other rank has access to, no other rank has this, for instance the kits you get at say captain give you an advantage, but can quite easily be earn too, you can't earn a pet, you need to get RT. its not too bad when its not a mob that alters the nature of pvp, like these chickens might as leslie stated... and no RT minus the chickens will not make it a pointless rank.
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