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    I can agree with what chairtheif is saying. I do fit into the spoiled fucking richkid category though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blu3 View Post
    I can agree with what chairtheif is saying. I do fit into the spoiled fucking richkid category though.
    As long as you're not a jerk about it, you're not part of the problem.

    "May I serve the order honourably."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChairThief View Post
    I'm just going to keep posting in this thread because making more than one seems like a waste of space.

    But just.. I'm normally a really calm and patient person. Or at least I like to think I am, and I try to be. But sometimes, I just can't take it anymore; little offenses, tiny comments, being snubbed, passive aggressiveness, getting snarked at, it just sort of starts to build up and every now and then I have to vent or I'll just, explode into a million little pieces of ChairThief. And that's just really messy and undesirable so please excuse this small rant. I'm going to swear, something I don't normally do, so please also forgive that in advance.
    Here we go.

    I'm fucking sick and tired of people being rude to me. Especially the spoiled little brats on these stupid Minecraft servers. They're all under fucking 15, yet they can /somehow/ spend hundreds of dollars on stupid ranks that don't mean /anything/, and brag about them while calling me a nobody because I just don't have that kind of money to spend.
    A bunch of spoiled little rotten no good rich kids who brag about their stupid skills on a simple block building game while I'm working MY ASS OFF TO THE FUCKING BONE with ACTUAL WORK that requires actual skill, for money that I EARN MYSELF.
    Irritated? Doesn't even /begin/ to cover it.
    Little pricks think they deserve mod status, high status, or special ranks when they're /constantly/ deriding players and swearing like little BADASS MOTHERFUCKIN' sailors because they think they're the shit. Well guess what. They aren't, and deserve to get knocked down a fucking peg or five.
    I've been putting up with this stupid shit all day, when I'm just trying to relax and have fun. Talking about the "accomplishments" they made over the weekend and shit.
    Oh cool, so you were on the GLD server earning your pointless rank? Guess where I was?
    I spent my weekend off of the server, feeling as if I ran into a brick wall at 200mph as I watched two fostered feral kittens die slowly, of a URI. Yay me. (For the cat-illiterate, a URI is an upper respiratory infection, otherwise known as one of the single most deadly ailments a cat can acquire, aside from rabies. Almost assured death for kittens.)
    Every emotion in me is already cranked up real high right now, as is my stress level, I don't need all of this stupid shit, especially not from a bunch of cowardly children who think they're the shit because their stupid username has colours and a cliche prefix.
    Now please excuse me while I go cry a little bit. Because life is so damn unfair. Oh wait, I already knew that because I'm a damn adult who knows what responsibility is.

    I'm just so done, I'm sorry.

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    eh I tell the rich snob kids to fuck off tbh

    If you want a base I have/had a few, one including creeper spawner which you are more than welcome to have since I don't play anymore.

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