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    Ideas to make GLD more fun.

    I feel that raiding is lacking on this sever, from towns that is almost impossible to raid, to getting noob gear. To promote this idea, first, i think u can make obby able to be blown up by creeper eggs/ tnt. But, i think that it would take 5 or 6 blows to blow it up. Also, u can add a kit cannon so, that u can make a hybrid cannon to tnt towns with water over it. For as far as getting better loot from Raiding, u should be able to blow up locked chests. But, Lets say war is 2 hours, u can only blow up locked chests for 1 hour in war at towns. This is just an idea to make GLD more fun.

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    I'd also say something to make it more fun. I think we should install a mod on the server like the Mutan Creatures mod. It has like over 3 bosses to fight. Creeper Boss, Zombie Boss, Skelly Boss, etc.. And maybe also the hexxit mod pack. I've already seen enough of that to make this more fun.

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    But then players would have to install the mod to play Gld, therefore limiting it to just a select few who do know how to install it.

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    Well, I'm currently making a rather cool RPG plugin that builds off mcmmo, and it has a ton of cool stuff. Can't release it now, but within a few months or so. Maybe if GLD wants to try that...
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    Being able to break locked chests? They wouldn't be "locked" anymore...

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    Fut, there called locked chests for a reason, so people can keep their shit safe, if you can blow them up, might as well not have them as a donator perk.
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