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Thread: We need this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phun View Post
    Alright I'm going to get straight to the point, my opinion will not be valued nearly as much as other peoples but I can assure you it is more relevant. I have played this server longer than most people and understand why it is failing. I'm going to be brief but realistic on some shit I've seen posted on this thread.
    I have seen this server progress and I know %100 what's fucking it up regardless of whether or not you want to accept it.

    You sir, you are a prime fucking retard. GTFO this forum if all you want to do is boast about not being able to be disarmed. The only thing to point out here is you can't even fucking pvp without P2P and you have taken part in ruining the server. You claim to be good yet you have to spend money on these abilities. You're good when you can beat people who have a clear advantage over you, get over yourself.

    My contention to P2P:
    P2P only adds a wider gap between new up and coming pvpers and those who have donated to utterly ruin. When I was realativly undefeatable I put others in a position where they couldn't win anything and pvping for some people would just result in a net loss. This isn't fun, a fun server is where things are balanced and there is only subtle skill differences not 100% iron grip and increased un-arm. People should be able to walk out and have a good chance in getting gear and not just get ruined by some omnipotent fuck. I did this without unarmed, pets and all this other shit so try and imagine what it would be like when some one good actually gets these tools. There would be not hope for PvP at all. There is no fucking reason why you she be able to donate for op potions, /repair, prot 5, pets, increased axe damage and all that shit. It fucking ruins pvp to an extent where people that don't donate hundreds to the server will literally walk out and die instantaneously. I have pvped in different systems: Classic diamond, enchants, op, souping, kits and I can tell you GLD's system of PVP is beyond fucked and is completely bias. Shit needs to be changed.

    This is relevant, basically you must donate to win on this server and that shouldn't be the case.

    First I'd like to point out this it literally visual aids, wtf is this?
    Selling spawners is DEFINETLY not going to fucking help anything, we shouldn't even have grinders fullstop.
    Yes get rid of the lighstone Cap.
    Putting iron blocks in the market will just make it like the old server which indicativly is much better than this server but it's not really the only solution. Tp timer sucks dick though.
    "Make it illegal to sell items for under the fucking price" Please tell me this is a joke. You clearly have NO FUCKING IDEA how an economy should run.
    The last sentance is fucking fruit salad. Selling extremely illegal items (Which I can only interpret this as being unobtainable items?) isn't really going to help anything. The old server is no where near as messy as the current server.
    In reality your post shouldn't even be fucking considered a post by how messy and ill-thought-through it is. Please if you have no idea what you're talking about don't talk about it.

    This is a great post full of constructive and relative critisism. It's true, people who know what will impact the server (generally normal player) literally NEVER EVER get a say in what's happening. If some one goes to improve something or trys to help the server it will get thrown away because some of the admins on this server are so fucking stupid and can only see what they want.


    Everyone hates him. He's rude, obnoxious and fucking poisoned by power. He builds like shit but thinks what he does is fucking amazing but it's not. When we have people like BobHero, Bassfreerunning and Trent_Rosa available who can actually build it's completely irrational that he should be building anything. I know he's an admin but fuck he's a bad one at that. Everything he thinks can't be altered by anothers perspective on his idea. He says somethings and that's what goes unless someone ABOVE HIM TELLS HIM OTHERWISE. He is someone who acts with power and not with intention. He is sanctimonious in regards to the way he acts towards players. AmazedPvP and I spent 1 1/2 hours trying to tell him that the economy would fail within months he literally said this. "If it fails it's your fault, people should stop hoarding money for themselves). Please lord if you can produce a statement more full of shit I will convert to Christianity. People are fucking going to try and make money it's an economy there are rich and there are poor, by fucking limiting the amount of money in the economy you just make the gap bigger. The 1 1/2 houres of explaining amounted to nothing because that cunt is as thick as the fucking ocean and evidently the economy is fucked and people are already asking for the older server. His OCD will probably mean that he will never learn.
    The one thing I hate is no one has the audacity to fucking tell him they hate him. And I will I fucking hate him, he's ruined the server soo much it's not even funny. All people say about him is he does "behind the scenes work" FUCK WHAT HAS HE EVEN WORKED ON?????????????????????????????????????????? Like 70% of people I talk to alone will tell me they hate RW but he almost rules by tyrannically. No one dares to go against him. Sorry RW I don't give a fuck anymore I don't want staff so I'll tell you the truth.

    Alright, unique doesn't always mean good. Gld is missing out on like 18 biomes by being full dessert that isn't exactly good. If a forum looks like fucking shit, operates like shit and no one uses it there is cleary room for change. I hate how people don't realise this, they go to defend everything and never have a scope for change.

    This is yet another person complaining about the economy but dw TJ THE ROBOT BUILDER is a fucking economist and apparently our economy IS FUCKING FLOURISHING. YES SIR.

    It's becoming dumb half the opinions of player aren't even taken into account so I've basically stopped caring. I just laugh at your aptitude to just ignore these matters. Unless this server changes drastically we're probably coming to an end pretty soon. And fuck off if you think pixlemon is going to save the server because please people don't play minecraft to play pokemon.

    The main thing that annoys me is this servers apathy towards what they do. They add in a pvp prot 5 kit for like $200 and some people buy it. What they don't fucking realise is they just ruined pvp and so the only way you can now pvp is if you have prot 4+. You have literally just ruined the server even more by adding this and you can't see that. Half the shit that's added now just fucks the server over more and more. This is a bold statement and I doubt it will be taken to heart as most people don't want to believe this but deep down you probably know it's the truth.

    You're welcome to go Grammar nazi on me because I really ceebs looking at what I've written again.
    Biggest WOT ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieKira View Post
    Too bad now people get banned for doing that.
    As to what you said about helping the younger children, having phun coming on spouting out words like "retarded" is not helping much :I
    I think from that post "retard" is the least of you worries. The fact that you even consider retard as a vile insult bewilders me, it's pretty much the lowest form of insult you'll see. Aside from that i can assure you kids aged 12 will call eachother retards daily, it's an insult it's a part of the English language.

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    My thoughts.

    Erase this current shitpile of a map and start fresh, instead of letting blind, power hungry admins run the show and make 100% set out rules on day 1, let the community have an input in to the new map.
    As it stands this map is literally worse than the old one, as stated the economy is not "Flourishing", if you think it's perfectly fine you're blinded with what you want to see over what reality is.

    Get rid of the inactive mods/trials/enforcers that for some reason still have staff after months of inactivity (yet I get demoted for being afk for like a week, irrelevant but yea) and keep a tight community of staff members from different time zones, staff that are actually serious with their work and not jokers that hop on and do nothing.

    Reset map, fuck off prot V and other bullshit items, keep the server how it ORIGINALLY was meant to be built; Hardcore, towny pvp. The server at the moment is more along the lines of; OPPvP bullshit where donators win, and the defaults have no hope. If you want more money coming in, you need to reduce the cost of ranks. For some of the ranks, paying hundreds of dollars for barely any perks at all turns people away. For example look at the dark lord rank it's a perfect example of not getting anything good for what you pay. Attachment 2353

    Who honestly pays that much money for, kitty cannon, a useless map wasting 80x80 prot land and 1 op apple every 8 hours. And to add on to that, YOU DON'T EVEN GET THE OTHER ITEMS FROM RANK UPGRADES, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

    If you want GLD fixed, myself and phun (he tried giving tips to RW last time, look what happened when RW said no, server is fucked. AGAIN.) would give some tips as to how to make a 100% desert towny pvp server work.

    In conclusion, the playerbase of the server really needs to stop being a bunch of pussies who are too scared for change. Boo hoo if you lose your perks that ruin the server, boo hoo if you lose all that pay2win garbage, this server literally needs to be fixed if you continue on with the way GLD is going, the server is literally going to die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieKira View Post
    Too bad now people get banned for doing that.
    As to what you said about helping the younger children, having phun coming on spouting out words like "retarded" is not helping much :I
    I've seen multiple staff members use worse words than "retarded", so is that a good example?

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