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    Joan most of my cousins live near Antarctica. I can hook you up.

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    Thanks Joannou1 for standing up for the best server ever!!

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    For more info, I found this.
    It's a pretty depressing topic for GLD, but the last sentence makes up for it.
    Every GLD Economy/Feature Request Thread:

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    Apparently you need to ask Mojang for permission to sell shit. >.>

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    Well, we could always move the server to netherlands >

    No minecraft server is allowed to sell money ingame, but mojang told hypixel their donation perms were allowed.


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    New follow up post, they need to make up their fuckin' mind.

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    Just find something in there minecraft realms that counters there EULA. then they would be violating there own rules on there "New Multiplayer". This would prove 1. Mojang is run by hypocrites and 2. They're greedy.

    EDIT: In proprietary software, an end-user license agreement (EULA) or software license agreement is the contract between the licensor and purchaser, establishing the purchaser's right to use the software.

    So they're aloud to change the rights we have over minecraft after the purchase of our accounts. Or has the EULA always states this and they just want money now so they picked it out and threw it into the world. Anyways, even if the get this shit storm through, people will just begin to charge for "Game changing privileges" on realms.

    Also, do they not realize many people make livings of of there self run servers. There going to stop that so they can make there Multi Billion Dollar Company a bit more richer.

    Thanks Mojang!
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    New info, remember some servers saying they were fine?

    Here's an excerpt from a recent Hypixel announcement.

    About the EULA
    As some of you know, Mojang recently released a post about servers concerning how we make money to cover the costs of servers. They changed the EULA so that we can't sell some specific things with a server. Those changes might hurt the server community and might need to make sacrifices. Those rules have been written by people who do not understand how we operate our servers at the scale we are at. The top servers are the most affected by those changes, when in fact those changes were meant to be targeted at smaller servers abusing the Minecraft community for money.

    The top biggest servers have been working together and to understand our stance you can read Sterling's letter here. One concerning issue that we have is that, in the past, we were told that our server was 100% fine and even invited to Minecon where we had a panel and talked about how to monetize your server to survive. Because we were led to think we were accepted, we built our lives around it; hired friends, left school and paid for the best hosting we could. If we were told that we couldn't do it, we would have adapted, but after 16 months of having this server, I would have appreciated a chat before doing those changes.

    As I have mentioned in other topics, I do agree that our server has some "Pay to Win" aspects, just like League of Legend, where you pay to save time or play a different class that is not more powerful than others but rather offers a different gameplay. In fact, I was planning to make some classes/kits/perks changes to allow some non-vip to use them already.

    The good news is we knew that day was coming, we were well prepared for it. I truly believe within my creativity to find ways for us to pay our bills, however, like the letter says, I feel like I will spend more time making cosmetics than actually making games... you know, cool stuff. Instead of making the next Mega Game, I might spend more time making cosmetics in hope for us to keep all our developers.

    But you know what is depressing ? Herobrine adventure maps, The Walls, my server, giving them maps for Realms... everything original and doing my best to push the limit of Minecraft and they released this EULA without even talking to us. I feel a bit... used. I know their intention wasn't to hurt our work, but by attacking those servers pushing the limits, they are hurting the whole server community and targeting us to set an example, because we are bigger. Did I ask to get in the top 3 servers in the world ? No, in 16 months I didn't put a single ad other than my own accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and PMC. I did not get involved in paying YouTubers to advertise or did vote websites. I didn't push to get there, the community wanted me to get there.

    Anyway, if you buy something before August 1st 2014, you will not be affected at all, in fact... your account might even gain value over time, because you will keep your ranks, coins multiplier and everything that goes with it.
    However the bad news is that, we might need to rely on other monetization methods to keep paying our developers/servers and other expenses, therefore we might need to relocate our servers, downsize our paid staff and slow down our production if people are not generous enough.

    Here's a letter to Mojang written by a certain Gregory Bylos:

    Minecade's announcement:

    Logs of one of the initial skype conversations:

    Interesting excerpt from the conversation:
    "[5:56:42 AM] danstoogood: what happened to your server? :O
    [5:56:46 AM] danstoogood: is it still out there? :O
    [5:56:50 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: yes i think so -- havent been there for eons though
    1. [5:56:55 AM] Erik Broes: think it shrunk a bit
    2. [5:57:27 AM] Erik Broes: Leet: i never talked about a mod api
    3. [5:57:32 AM] dillyg10: Server owerns have gotten greedy
    4. [5:57:36 AM | Edited 5:57:45 AM] dillyg10: It's time to make a change
    5. [5:58:03 AM | Edited 5:58:11 AM] wavemakerhse: Please respond to the question erik. What is wrong with us making money off of minecraft
    6. [5:58:18 AM] Erik Broes: ^^
    7. [5:58:19 AM] VoxaDub: So has mojang? So hows it any different?
    8. [5:58:20 AM] bloxparadise_: HOW
    9. [5:58:32 AM] bloxparadise_: how much did he pay you
    10. [5:58:47 AM] danstoogood: Erik could you link us to the server?
    11. [5:58:54 AM] dillyg10: Seriously, looking at the back and forth here
    12. [5:58:57 AM] danstoogood: or atleast provide us with the name?
    13. [5:59:03 AM] Erik Broes: how on earth have we gotten greedy?
    14. [5:59:04 AM] dillyg10: No wonder he's taking away your profit
    15. [5:59:10 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: iirc
    16. [5:59:13 AM] dillyg10: You all act like a bunch of dicks to him
    17. [5:59:31 AM] VoxaDub: Dilly do you even run a server?
    18. [5:59:37 AM] dillyg10: If THIS is what is representing the server owner community
    19. [5:59:45 AM] Drew: Erik sounds like a 12yr old troll
    20. [5:59:47 AM] dillyg10: Then I can totally understand why Mojang wants to do what it's doing
    21. [5:59:56 AM] bloxparadise_: hey we tried talking to him but he's too busy learning swedish or whatever the fuck it was
    22. [6:00:15 AM] VoxaDub: How am I acting like a dick? I'm having a civil argument.
    23. [6:00:23 AM] danstoogood: ouch Erik
    24. [6:00:28 AM] dillyg10: I do Voxa
    25. [6:00:28 AM] danstoogood: your server offers VIP
    26. [6:00:28 AM] danstoogood:
    27. [6:00:43 AM] danstoogood: Access to the VIP forum
    28. Access to the Survival world (without a separate request via forum)
    29. Participation in VIP meetings
    30. More teleport options, such as / tp, / TPON, / tpoff, / tpback, / tpforward
    31. TNT arrows using / tnta
    32. Sponges also work on lava
    33. [6:01:08 AM] VoxaDub: lol....
    34. [6:01:38 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:00 AM] Amir Omidi:

    35. <<< You're making money off of someone elses workI thoght someone building something or someone making a plugin or a mod was their own work?..
    36. [6:01:49 AM] danstoogood: you call it a donation
    37. [6:01:55 AM] danstoogood: but I thought you were offering all of that
    38. [6:02:02 AM] danstoogood: it's a purchase then, SURELY?
    39. [6:02:20 AM] danstoogood: THIS HYPOCRISY IS INCREDIBLE
    40. [6:02:38 AM] bloxparadise_: this chat is giving me cancer
    41. [6:02:39 AM] *** bloxparadise_ has left ***
    42. [6:02:53 AM] Erik Broes: dan that was different when I was still involved; they'd also have to change
    43. [6:03:36 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: so they are not 'ingame' -- that is the part tha matters
    44. [6:03:49 AM] Erik Broes: you can sell whatever the fuck you want -- but it has nothing to do with our game and shouldn;t be reflected in it
    45. [6:04:53 AM] VoxaDub: Idea: Mojang makes the next mineplex makes 1mil per month everyones happy
    46. [6:05:10 AM | Edited 6:05:54 AM] danstoogood: we are ripping people off - when Mojang is charging £8 a month for a 20 slot server
    47. Erik accuses us of mispresenting information - - yet a server he is an "administrator" on has a 15 EURO payment option for VIP that they call a donation, phaa
    48. we're using Mojang's "platform" to make money which is apparently so different to them using oracles platform to make money

    49. all of these changes Erik is stating is purely his opinion, and he's breaking the EULA himself (yes, he's an employee too!?!?!)
    50. [6:05:20 AM] Erik Broes: no because its not about the money VoxaDub"

    ay you cannot do that"
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    Important Update!

    Several things we can do to help:

    You can also boycott Minecraft-related purchases, though remember, we're not trying to damage Mojang, just change their minds.

    We need as many signatures as possible for that petition, so sign ASAP!
    Every GLD Economy/Feature Request Thread:

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    So this is going to be battle of the servers, bigger servers will be makeing money and be alloud to keep their donation perms but we won't so if we get bigger then we might be able to but whilst we cannot donate Nd make joannou money then the other servers are they will be makeing money so they can get bigger and better which is pulling players away from us and other servers where they allmost live off of donations.

    A real low blow for everyone really

    Also if someone oils forward this to Mojan--> we are not making money off of your product, we are making it off of other peoples plugins, /fly u need a plugin /VG (god mode) you need a plugin /d you need a plugin, do you see where I am going your product is 1 person who rules over everyone who has the power to not die and kill everyone whilst we don't we are only aloud to build houses and fight against each other, that is your product, what we make out of it is pay to get more perks and get closer and closer to the 'god' of the server, and to do that YOU NEED PLUGINS which other people have made and some are yours, if you want to check want plugins people are using then go ahead, their are many smart people out there that know all about codling and could make us a custom plugin, so if you take away peoples ability to get donations of a game that over half the world knows about and plays then go ahead, we'll see how many players you lose and how many people have to go into debt because some people live off of donations.
    Now either listen to the voice in your head, or the people who play your game.
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