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    Can't connect to GLD

    Okay so I am gone for a vacation to New Jersey with my family, we are gone for a week and yesterday we stayed in napenanesse US and I could log onto gld fine, but today when I try to log on the server won't even connect, The internet is good and is secure but still will not connect. Every other server works just fine but GLD does not. I talked to TJ and he said that the server is well protected but the network im using is secure, I dont wanna wait a whole week to get on GLD again


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    I honestly just think you're timing out. Nothing major but if it keeps happening the wifi prob isn't able to handle mc

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    All other servers are working great with full bars, except for GLD.

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    But most likely is the internet, just find it strange because everything else is working fine.

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    XxTheSomeonexX is having the same problem at one of his parents house

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    Yeah i heard, weird.....

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    Hey, has this been resolved?
    Can you get on?

    Trying to figure out what I can do to fix this.. As the only thing we changed was Bungee (the hub server setup)

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    When I try to connect to the server it says Internet Exception: Connection reset by peer.

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