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    Idea to make PvP more fun

    I know that PvP on GLD has been a bit annoying recently, what with McMMO skills being de-nerfed, PvP at the border being turned off multiple times, and people just being OP in general. Generally speaking, people who fight in OP armor and have longer fights will typically fight for 5 or more minutes, only to either lose their gear by dying or having it break, lose their opponent's gear when it breaks, or lose both of their gear if it all breaks. So for the most part, people do not gain very much out of a fight on GLD except for the experience of having a fight and the occasionally armor, OP apples, and weapons. And on top of all this, you actually lose money when you die, so you rarely gain anything from a fight, and when you do, it's usually not enough to make the fight "worth it" in a lot of people's eyes.
    I'm not sure if this idea has been considered by staff, or talked about amongst players, but I was thinking that gaining a cash reward for killing a player could really motivate some people to go out and fight. The obvious initial problem with this would be that people could farm kills using their alt accounts. This could possibly be overcome by limiting the number of times you can kill a person within a certain time period and still gain money for it (this is just a suggestion about how this problem could be overcome, there are plenty of other ways that it could be overcome). The amount of money that you would get for killing a player could be set to around 500 lightstones, so people would get a decent amount of money per kill, but would not be gaining millions for only a few kills.
    I know that you guys are quite busy now, what with making other "sub servers", and trying to fix McMMO skills, but I really think that this could benefit GLD and encourage more people to PvP.

    Please leave constructive criticism if you believe it's truly necessary.

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    This is a great idea! I really hope staff can look into this!

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    Just so we don't forget, I'm going to put some good ideas that have been discussed in chat (in game).

    One idea that was brought up (by xShadow3x, I think) was that non-donors could be given more money for kills than donors (shadow's example was that non-donors would get 500 per kill, and donors would get 300).

    Another idea that I brought up was taking away more money per death if you were a donor, which could be counter-productive with Joan trying to get more donations, but it would make PvP more fair, considering that nearly everyone who has OP McMMO levels, a lot of OP gear, and etc, is a donor.

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    Or just remove axe's
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    yes, farming kills would be a big problem, and in reality there would be no way to set a limit time on kills. Even if there were, it would mean if you were 2v1ed, you could kill the first one, then would have to run till you could damage the second one. Although the idea is nice, personally I think a much more realistic solution is to remove the cost of death.
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    But losing $100 at death is not motivating anyone to PvP or to not PvP, if you were given money for kills, you would be given a reward, therefore motivating people to PvP with the understanding that they would be rewarded for doing well. By losing money for dying, it's more like a threat of losing even more than you will already lose for dying.

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    Also, I don't quite understand your scenario of being 2v1ed, I don't see the point in killing the first person, then running and then fighting the second person.

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    The only reasonable way to implement this is too make the player lose more money when dying than how much the player who kills get.
    Like death : 150ls, kill :100ls
    If the money were created from nowhere, it would just be abused, if theres a exploit people know, people will try abuse it.

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    What about taking the money that someone loses from dying, and giving it to the person who killed them, so no money would be created, and exploitation would be pointless. This could also motivate people to PvP more if you lost more money from dying to a player, and the player who killed you gained that money, but you would still only lose 100 lightstones for dying because of another cause.

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    And with the issue of exploitation, I said in my original post that you could put a limit on how many times you killed a person and collected the money during a certain time period, which could be set to 10+ days.

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