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    Sparkey's Builder Application.

    Just to start out, I don't know why, but the forums wouldn't allow me to post in the General Room. So i'll just post it here and hope it gets viewed.

    Your IGN: Sparkey914

    Age (Must be 12 or older): 16

    How long have you played on GLServers?: Since February 2012.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I don't know. I guess February 2012.

    How often are you able to build?: I can build on the weekends. This is going to be my senior year of high school. I have to apply for colleges, study for and take the SAT and ACT, train for soccer, go to practices multiple times a week and play games on the weekends. I am not going to sit here and lie about how active I am/can be.

    What country and timezone do you live in?: USA Pacific Standard Time.

    Do you have Skype?(Required): GabeEager17

    Have you been on any other build teams?: No.

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: Old server for sethomes. New server for arguing with staff.

    Anything else we should know: I am not like "normal builders." I don't build out of creativity of the desire to make something look cool like Bass. I use tutorials. The fact is, my OCD makes for really accurate builds. A 10 minute tutorial on a house will take my 2 hours because I look at every detail and don't give up until it is perfect. I can look at something that someone has built and re-create it by looking at all details and mapping it all out in my head. No I am not a builder that thinks of my own ideas, but I am proficient at copying others'. I don't know how far that will get me or if it even makes sense, but I guess you would have to see it happen to believe. I built a lot with Daniel, including the pvp border a while back, and I did that by having him tell me what to copy somewhere else, and doing it.

    Please supply some photos of your work: My prot land is made up of 2 buildings. One is made from a tutorial (the brick mansion) and the second one is made from splitting my screens in half and loading the schems on a single player world and referencing it to build in on GLD. That was really hard and I had to stop when I lost GM.

    What is your specialty (structures, terraforming, pixelart, nature, etc): Copying tutorials or using other builds on a different server to look at and copy with accuracy.

    Are you aware that if you’re caught abusing your Builder rank you will be demoted and may even be banned?: Yeah I understand. I had GM perms to switch from survival and GM to build the PVP border and my cool prot lands. I didn't abuse it and I don't plan to. (They were only taken because Daniel didn't tell Kerrus and Nhannon told on me lol.)

    Any questions?: Please don't deny me because of my past. Also don't judge me before seeing what I can do with tutorials or build copying. I would like to be on the team. I think I can do well.

    Thanks and good luck to all!


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    Do you have any other builds that you can show us besides those 2?

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    Not at the moment, I don't. I am more than willing to show off what I can do if needed.

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