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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardog View Post
    1) Shut the fuck up this is the reason I Flame kids.
    2) Awesome was flaming everyone, I just flamed him because he was doing it.
    3) This was like 3 months ago so stop reviving threads like a week old if youre just gonna talk more shit on it
    4) You dont wanna get in a flame war with me kid
    5) Like just as many people think youre annoying as people think Im annoying (Trust me its a lot)
    6) You werent even there in the first place!
    1) ^
    2) ^
    3) ^
    4) ^
    5) ^
    6) ^

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    Why can't we just reset it like it was before. Same map. Same nice spawn with an easy shop and a complete one. Same ranks very simple and easy. Not thirst or bullshit. Just the same old classic GLD that everyone loved. I can bet a lot of money that the players will increase if this happens. Best of luck Ralle01

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