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    Cool Haxxeh's offer for Gifted

    I've been wanting 'Gifted' for a while now so I will post my offer right now, in hopes of fetching a buyer. Here it is, and be sure to buy me this as soon as possible due to the fact that my offer may already be taken! Just mail me ingame, and without further ado, my offer!
    One potatoe
    1 ls
    a hug
    tears of joy
    a twerk dance of my mc char
    my respect for a month
    u r cool
    i wil be ur friend
    a potatoe
    another potatoe
    i wil teem wit u in peeveepee
    once more another potatoe
    And that is all! Be sure to buy me Gifted before someone else takes the offer!

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    Grain Of Sand Ancient Sage
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    May 2012
    Woah i will think about it!!! Great offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Holy offer Hax, What an amazing deal!

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