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    Quote Originally Posted by totally_not_cdriza View Post
    And this. Is why people call you an asshole.

    As funny as it is, you're not doing yourself any favours in terms of trying to get yourself unbanned.
    [SIZE=5][COLOR="#DAA520"]King[/COLOR] [[COLOR="#DAA520"]TUSK[/COLOR]:[COLOR="#40E0D0"]NA[/COLOR]][COLOR="#DAA520"][MGS][/COLOR][COLOR="#FFD700"] >>[/COLOR][COLOR="#990000"]Head[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Mod[/COLOR][COLOR="#FFD700"]<<[/COLOR] [COLOR="#990000"]K[/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]ind[/COLOR]


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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazeDPvP View Post
    You hope to be unbanned Cdriza yet you post stupid shit like this, your logic is flawed and you're beyond fucking braindead.
    My logic is beyond flawed.

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    Way way beyond flawed is my logic.

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    Hey, you can enjoy being banned loser. I can be hated but you know what? I could not give two flying fucks about that, lol.

    At the end of the day you're the sour puss who can't get unbanned, go outside and meet some people and get offline. It'd do you some good .
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