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    Outpost commands

    Over the last week I have been fooling around with Outposts and there are some useful commands players should know. Some of the commands That i will talk about are not listed in the thread "Towny command list"
    To make an Outpost you need to be far away from other Towns and Outposts. Use the command /Town claim Outpost (make sure there is 75k in your town bank (use /town deposit 75000 to get money in the town bank))
    Outposts come with there own spawn. To set the Outpost spawn use the command /Town set Outpost (The Outpost spawn can only be set with in the main Outpost plot (the first Outpost plot you made when you type /Town claim Outpost))
    Once you have your first Outpost plot the plots next to it do not cost 75K it costs 1250LS or 1.25K. To claim the plots next to it type /Town claim. The tax or daily upkeep tax should be the same for Town plot and Outpost plots.
    How to get to the Outpost spawn? To get to your first Outpost you can use /Town Outpost . If you have more then one Outpost you can use the command (This is something i had to look up) "/town outpost x' (with x being a number 1 - however many outposts the Town has.)"

    You can set your Town spawn with in your Outpost; bye using /Town set homeblock then /Town set spawn. When you put the Town spawn in your Outpost it does not have to be in your "Main Outpost plot" it can be any plot with in your Outpost (warning make sure you have a set home to your Town before doing this otherwise you will not be able to go back) /Town set homeblock picks the plot that you want to put the town spawn then use /Town set spawn you can pick where you spawn on that plot. If you want to change back the Town spawn to your town just go to your town and do /Town set homeblock then /Town set spawn.

    What are Outposts? Outpost are plots that are apart of a Town that are not connect to the Town. They can be 1000's of block away from the main Town. As i said before they can't be to close to other Towns or Outposts.

    Whats the Point of having an Outpost(s)? Well there are 3 good reasons for having an Outpost(s).

    1.If you ever find a area that you want part of your Town but you all ready are own a Town and want to claim it. This would be the solution to that problem. (finding mob spawners, old Towns, extra)

    2. Recently there has been a change in Town/Nation perms. Any player can go to your town spawn that is in your Nation using /Town spawn (name of Town)
    If you have an Outpost you can set the Town spawn there instead of your Town. There for there would be no way for people not in your Town but in your nation to get to your Town (or at least this makes it harder)
    Then how would I or my town residents get to my town? You and your town residents would have to set home in your town (rember people below the rank of "Exiled" do have 2 set homes /home and /home bed)

    3. Instead of owning one big Town you could have 2 but with the same name,people in it,extra. You could sort the main Town and the Outpost with donor and non-donor, town staff and non-town staff, extra. Also if one gets hit badly at war it will not hurt as bad because your Outpost or Town could be 1000's of blocks away; there for it would not be as big of a lose for your town.

    Note Outposts, plots and taxes/daily upkeep prices may change.

    Wow that was a long one for me!
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