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    Commands for people joining a town for the first time.

    Ok, you just joined a town.

    You most likely want to know a thing or 2 before you start building your house.

    Frist of all to get to your new town do /town spawn. You must be at the server spawn to do this. To get to the server spawn use /warp spawn.

    Now that you know how to get to the town you most likely want to know how to claim a plot. Walk around the town in till you find a area where it says [For Sale: 0.00 Lightstone]

    Note some plots cost money and you must be standing in the plot to claim it.

    To claim this plot type /plot claim

    Now you may build in the area. If you want friends to have perms to build on your plot type /res friend add (name)

    Once you joined a town you can talk in the town's chat. Type /tc to go into this chat. Only people in the town can "hear you" To get out of town chat type /g

    If your town has a nation you can use /nc. Only people in your nation can "hear you". To get back to normal chat type /g

    Note:Most towns tax you. What does this mean? Well it mean every day the town will take some money out of your bank to cover some town costs. How do i check the amount there charging me? Well do /town and it will tell you that info and lots of other info.
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    Just a few things to add:
    1) It costs 5 Lightstones to teleport to the town spawn (get a bed as soon as possible).
    2) Many towns have rules. Be sure to know them!
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