Do's (the qualities we seek)
- Be polite and respectful to all those in the community
- remain calm and level headed in all situations
- Be mature at all times
- Be knowledgeable and helpful to all those within the community (brush up on your knowledge of commands and help people in /help as much as possible)
- Report all those you see breaking the rules
- Treat staff with respect at all times (might wanna pick up a few tips from them when playing)
- Produce a comprehensive and well written/thought out staff application
- Be active, try to play at least 10 hours a week
- Have a detailed idea of the rules and preferably an idea as to how they're punished
- Be active on the forum, helping give your input to improve the server
- Do your best to have a good reputation for being reliable/trustworthy

- Do the opposite to all the above
- Abuse your donator perms and break the rules
- Spam the forum with useless shit like cdriza
- Submit a staff aplication that is not well read through and has broken English
- ask staff members to read your app or send it to them privatley
- ask if you'd be a good staff member